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When a child lies


Parents of little children often don’t know how to deal with their lying children. What begins as innocent little lies, might just develop into a full-blown habit of lying. When a child lies, parents feel hurt, disappointed, betrayed, frustrated and angry. Let’s understand why children lie: Why do children lie? There are many reasons why children lie. Some of them are given below: To...

Managing Aggressive Behaviour in Kids


Aggressive behaviour in kids is very common. It is quite natural for children to get angry, cranky and aggressive when they are upset about something. So why are children so aggressive that sometimes parents can no longer handle them? Children may become aggressive because of several underlying issues. The primary reason for children behaving aggressively is because they are upset or are not able...

Child Abuse


A child is said to be abused when a child’s parent or caregiver causes intentional or unintentional injury, harm or death to a child. There are several forms of child abuse. Types of child abuse: Physical abuse Sexual abuse Emotional abuse Child neglect How can you tell if a child is abused? There are usually some signs that abused children bear. They include: Child becomes aloof, withdrawn, sad...

Is your child a ‘picky / fussy’ eater?


A common experience of young mothers is to have their babies love a dish today and push it away from them tomorrow. This leaves the mothers coaxing and cajoling the babies to eat just a little, if not everything. That’s a typical picky eater, a type of baby parents find difficult to control. Why babies turn picky eaters: Babies find eating solids a new experience. They need to get used to...

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