Our Infrastructure at T.I.M.E. Kids

Enter the portals of T.I.M.E. Kids to a wonderful world of learning and loads of fun. Here we have no classrooms - only cheerful theme based areas.

Indoor play area - T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools

Our pre-schools have a vast range of educational toys which help the child to cquire different skills cognitive, fine motor skills and life skills. Children learn to share and take turns to clean-up after play, thus learning social skills while having fun.

Gym room - T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools

The Gym room at our pre-schools is a happy, cheerful room with equipment like the trampoline, balancing beam, bowling alley and boxing bag. Constant vigil and the helping hand of the teacher ensure a safe environment for the child. The soft sponge flooring is colorful and prevents injury to the child.

Art and craft room - T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools

Children give expression to their ideas and feelings through art. Different mediums like crayons, paints, craft paper, sponge, stamps etc are used for various activities. Safety comes first at our pre-schools, Hence all material are carefully checked and chosen to make sure that they are child friendly.

AV room - T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools

This room is equipped with multi media teaching aids. Children are exposed to musical instruments and also educational CDs for rhymes and moral stories. Children learn to discriminate sound, follow rhythm/tone etc. All electronic equipment is kept beyond the reach of children. TV time is strictly monitored.

Activity room - T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools

We have our circle time in an informal setting with bean bags and huge soft toys strewn around. This time is also used for story telling, puppet shows and show-and-tell activities. The teachers at our pre-schools are trained to spread out the class out in such a way that they can keep an eye on child.

Learning room

Children are taken on rotation basis to different rooms to learn. One day it could be the marine room, the jungle room on the next day, and so on. A sense of wonder and adventure is added in each of these rooms. Extreme care is taken when children are on the move especially on the staircase.

Out Door Play Area

This is the comfort zone for all kids with a variety of play equipment like tricycles, pacers, slides, foot-ball post, ect... Childrens imagination and creativity comes to the fore in the sand pit area. The splash pool is for fun and frolic. Teachers ensure that children are divided into groups and there is no over crowding at any place. Teachers along with support staff are present to monitor the kids at all times



  • Indoor Play Area

  • Gym Room

  • Art & Craft Room

  • AV Room

  • Activity Room

  • Learning Rooms

  • Our Door Play Aria